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There Are Six Conditions For Abnormal Noise Of The Brake, All Of Which Can Be Heard Here

Jun. 29, 2020

The car is composed of tens of thousands of parts in dynamic, so there are many reasons for abnormal noise. If we are too professional, we won't talk about it. Let's briefly summarize a few common brake abnormal noises. If you encounter similar situations, you can check it out.

In new cars, the brake discs are new. Therefore, the brakes need to be worn away. At this time, the brakes will have abnormal noises. The abnormal noises are divided into vibration friction and sharp silk sound. But it will disappear after a few hundred kilometers. Handling method: As long as the new car has abnormal brake noise, don't worry about it. If you don't go off course, the vehicle will not shake if you brake sharply.

When the weather is windy or dusty: At this time, sand or dust particles will enter between the discs, causing the brake hissing noise. Treatment: slam on the brakes a few feet, or regardless of him, the sound will disappear after two days.

The brake pads are worn to the wear zone. There is a hard point, this time is a slight sound. When the sound of hissing continued to appear for a few days, and it became louder and louder, the brake pads were almost gone. The brake pads generally have some hard metal debris on the bottom, which is intentionally put in. When these debris are rubbed, a metal hissing noise will be emitted, which is to tell the owner that the brake pads are almost gone. The brake pads have been replaced.

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Please note that the difference is that the sand or the brake pads are almost gone, that is, the duration of the noise. If there are noises that last for a week or half a month, and they are getting louder, it's the brake pads. Otherwise, for other reasons, don't replace the brake pads by mistake.

There is a gurgling noise in the emergency brake and the brake pedal feels vibrating: Cause: In this case, the ABS tire anti-lock brake function is activated, and there will be it in the case of emergency braking. This situation can be ignored.

The vehicle stopped for a few days, and it happened to rain. When driving again, there will be a loud noise at the wheel, the body will shake, and then there will be no more. This is because on a rainy day, the brake discs and brake pads stick together due to corrosion. Don't worry, it's normal. If the vehicle is parked on a rainy day, a layer of rust will appear on the brake disc after 2 days. Don't worry about it. There are no more pedals when driving. No harm to safe driving.

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