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Why Does BMW Brake Soft After Changing the Brake Pads?

Mar. 26, 2020

Brake pads are an important part of a car's brake system, but severe wear will inevitably occur if the brake pads are used for a long time. Recently, a friend asked me what was the reason for BMW's soft brake after changing the brake pads? Let’s take a look with Chevrolet Brake Pad Manufacturer, I hope it can be helpful for everyone.

BMW Brake Pad Factory

BMW Brake Pad Factory

After BMW changed to BMW Brake Pad Factory, the brakes may be soft because the brake discs of the original car have been worn, and the newly changed brake pads have not completely contacted the brake discs, that is, they have not run in, resulting in soft brakes. Another possibility is that When replacing the brake pads, the air in the brake cylinder is not deflated, resulting in a malfunction.

Many people are confused about how often the brake pads are changed. Although the brake pads are not fixed how often, they mainly depend on the driving conditions and driving habits. These habits will affect the use of the brake pads. Generally, the front wheel brake pads wear faster because the center of gravity of the car will lean forward when braking, and the front brake will endure more force than the rear brake. . For a rear drive vehicle, the rear wheel wears out relatively quickly. Generally, the brake pads need to be changed once when driving to 3-5 thousand kilometers.

The brake is one of the important systems of the car. It works in a very harsh environment. If this system fails, it will be dangerous at any time. Therefore, the brake system should be checked and maintained regularly.

Although most car owners now attach great importance to the brake system, they often don't know enough about it, so that some abnormal situations occur, such as abnormal brake sounds, off-track, insufficient braking force, soft brake pedals, and abnormal brake wear. 

The root causes of these problems are as follows:

(1) The normally worn powder of the brake pads is left near the brake cylinder, which will cause abnormal noise if it is not cleaned for a long time.

(2) When driving on sandy and gravel roads, part of the particles will fall between the disc and the disk, causing abnormal noise or abnormal wear.

(3) The silencer and damper of the brake pads are not cleaned and lubricated for a long time, which will cause abnormal noise of the brakes.

(4) If the dust cover of the sliding shaft of the sub-pump is damaged, it will cause the sub-pump shaft to rust, cause the sub-pump to return to its original position, the braking force will decrease, and the brake will drift when passing through a water hole or mud pit.

In order to avoid these serious consequences, it is recommended that the braking system should be regularly cleaned, lubricated and maintained regularly.

Maintenance method of brake system:

Use solvent-based cleaners to clean the surfaces of the brake friction components and their heat dissipation channels. Be careful not to use lubricating detergents, avoid soaking rubber.

Use high-temperature (above 600°C) impact-resistant lubricant on the mutually moving parts of the brake friction components to play a role in lubrication, auxiliary heat dissipation and filling, and avoid partial wear. Be careful not to use non-high-temperature lubricants such as butter. Once they are burned out, they will have adverse effects.

Use a high temperature (above 120°C) lubricant at the positioning pin of the brake cylinder to ensure the onset time of the brake. Be careful not to use lubricants that are not resistant to high temperatures, such as butter.

Apply a long-lasting protective agent to the rubber dust cover of the brake cylinder and the rust-prone parts to protect the normal operation of the piston and ensure the effective time of the brake. Apply long-lasting lubricant to the joint surface of the tire rim and the car hub to avoid biting.

Note that the brake system is related to the personal safety of the passengers. If incorrect products and fake and shoddy products are used or improperly operated, it will easily lead to accidents, so be sure to use regular channels at a qualified OE Brake Pads Manufacturer , known products.

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