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How To Solve The Noise Of The Brake Pads?

Aug. 05, 2019

Usually the better brake pads are very stable, but in reality we will encounter noisy brake pads. If you want to have a good driving feel, you have to solve this problem. So today, Alpina Brake Pad Manufacturer is sharing with everyone.

Alpine Brake Pad China

Alpine Brake Pad China

There are several kinds of common noises on the brake pads, which are high frequency screaming, low frequency squeaking, dull reverberation, and how to solve these problems one by one.

1. The high-frequency sound sounds sharp. When the vibration frequency of the brake disc and the brake disc are the same, they will scream with resonance. We need to check the caliper, whether the guide rail is smooth, the piston oil seal is damaged, and all noise is prevented. Whether the clips and brake pads are suitable, installed correctly, are too smooth, and are overused.

2. Low-frequency squeaking type is generally called caliper noise, caused by vibration of the caliper assembly, may also be caused by vibration of the suspension system, the new car calipers or suspension system has a slight vibration, early morning sensitivity, such as winter morning, especially common, check calipers, Suspension system and bushing.

3. The brake disc of the brake pad is abnormal after wear. This is because the brake disc surface is dirty, the brake disc material density is not uniform, the working temperature is too high, and the brake disc mounting torque does not match.

Therefore, we have to replace the brake pads when we have these problems. We must check the brake discs before replacing them, check the thickness of the brake discs with a caliper, reinstall the fixed brake disc bolts, and measure the flatness of the working surface of the brake disc to ensure the flatness of the working surface of the brake disc. Its late use effect.

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