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Can The Brake Pads Be Worn Before They Can Be Opened?

Jul. 16, 2019

Here is a professional Acura Brake Pad Manufacturer. Today we would share with you some knowledge about brake pad. Also, if you need any Disc Brake Pads, feel free to let us know.

Acura Brake Pad Manufacturer

Can the brake pads be worn before they can be opened? The answer is definitely no. When driving a motor vehicle, safety is the first priority. Once the brake pads are worn out, the brakes are not working. This is very dangerous. The brake pads are the most important wearing parts in the safety system. They are consumables and will wear out gradually during use. This is normal, but when it is worn to the extreme position, it must be replaced. Otherwise, it will cause safety hazards.

Because the brake pad works mainly from friction, using the brake pads and brake discs (drums) and the friction between the tires and the ground, the kinetic energy of the vehicle is converted into heat after friction, and the car is stopped. In this process, the brake pads will be worn. Once the wear is severe, the brakes will be insensitive. If the time is long, the brakes will be malfunctioning. This is not easy to deal with.

In summary, the car with the brake pads worn out cannot be opened, which is very dangerous. It is necessary to change the brake pads to get on the road. However, it is not recommended that you wait until it has been worn out before replacing it. When the brake warning light is on or an abnormal sound is heard when the brake is heard, it is necessary to replace it in time.

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