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Causes of Cracks in the Brake Pads

Mar. 12, 2020

Brake pads are also called brake pads. In a car's brake system, the brake pads are the most critical safety part. All the brake effects are decisive. Therefore, a good brake pad is the protector of people and cars. Excessive braking will damage the brake pads. Do not brake hard or press down slowly to ensure the life of the brake pads.

The brake is the most critical part of a car. Although it looks simple, it has a very high technical content. If we usually do not pay attention to checking the condition of the brake pads, it will cause cracks and affect our normal driving safety, so we must understand Why does it appear cracking, so take appropriate measures to prevent it before it happens.

Automobile brake pads are generally composed of steel plates, adhesive insulation layers and friction blocks, and the steel plates must be painted to prevent rust. The heat insulation layer is composed of a material that does not transfer heat, and the purpose is to heat insulation. The friction block is composed of a friction material and an adhesive. When the brake is pressed, the brake disc or the brake drum is pressed to generate friction, thereby achieving the purpose of decelerating and braking the vehicle. Due to friction, the friction pads will gradually wear out. Generally speaking, the lower the cost, the faster the brake pads wear. After using the friction material, you must replace the brake pads in time, otherwise the steel plate and the brake disc will directly contact, eventually losing the braking effect and damaging the brake disc.

Ford USA Brake Pad Manufacturer

Ford USA Brake Pad Manufacturer

The following OE Brake Pads Manufacturer can give you some reasons for cracks in the brake pads:

① Many high-speed downhill sections will be designed with a pool for cooling down on the mountainside to reduce the temperature of the brake drum. If the temperature of the brake drum is too high, cracks can easily occur directly into the pool, and in severe cases, they can even burst. If the brake pads are too hot, take a break and let them cool down naturally.

② It is found that the temperature is too high before the water is sprayed on the brakes. Water spraying is an important device for trucks in China to ensure safety. It mainly reduces the temperature of the brake drum and reduces the thermal decay of the brakes. If the brake drum is flooded when it is too hot, it will only have the effect of cracking the brake drum.

③The brakes are not easy to use. There are many reasons. In order to improve the braking effect, some drivers will choose a product called the brake king. The so-called brake of the brake king is good, it is nothing more than increasing the amount of excess air on the brake air circuit, the consequence is that the brake drum can not withstand such a large force, resulting in rupture. Bad braking is generally a system problem. It is best to systematically check the gas path, valve body, and mechanical parts. It is best not to use the brake king.

④ Too much reliance on trailer braking: Some domestic semi-trailer tractors have weakened the brakes of the main vehicle in order to prevent the phenomenon of pushing the head on wet roads. Too much reliance on trailer braking has caused the trailer brake drum to be overloaded, leading to a partial failure rate. high. Therefore, pay attention to checking the brakes of the entire vehicle to maintain the overall coordination of the brakes of the main vehicle and the trailer. Do not rely too much on the brakes of the trailer.

Because some drivers usually do not pay attention to the condition of their brake pads, they often fail and do not know. Therefore, Ford USA Brake Pad Manufacturer here reminds you that you should pay more attention to the brakes when maintaining your car. If the drum has too severe cracks, if abnormalities are found, it must be checked in time and measures must be taken to ensure driving safety.

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