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Why does Ceramic Brake Pad has Noise?

Jul. 13, 2019

Many car owners have reported that after changing the Ceramic Brake Pad, the noise problem has not been solved. When the brakes are applied, the sound will be emitted. It is considered that this is the quality problem of the brake pads, but it is not. Noise on the brake pads does not mean that there are quality problems, but it may also be the following:

Ceramic Brake Pad

Ceramic Brake Pad

1. Normal sound: emergency braking, starting ice condensation;

2. Material problem: the brake disc material is matched;

3. Maintenance problems: foreign objects enter the brake pads, calipers, brake pads, brake discs are not in place or poorly assembled;

4. Temperature problem: some brake pads do not have abnormal noise at normal temperature, but abnormal noise occurs after frequent brake temperature rise, that is, there is less or no material for temperature and noise prevention in the brake pad raw material.

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