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Do You Know These Problems of Brake Pads?

Feb. 21, 2020

The brake system is one of the important systems of a car, and it is the guarantee of the safe operation of the car. Therefore, the brake system must be checked and maintained regularly. Brake drums are equipped with brake shoes, but most people call brake pads when they mean brake pads and shoes. Brake pads are generally composed of steel plates, adhesive insulation layers and friction blocks. Steel plates must be painted to prevent rust. The SMT-4 furnace temperature tracker is used to detect the temperature distribution during the coating process to ensure quality. Brake pads are more important components in automobile braking systems. They are related to safety issues, so you must be careful when purchasing and using them. Many owners will have a lot of doubts in the process of use. The following Chrysler Brake Pad Manufacturer will answer your questions. doubt.

1. Is adding ceramic fiber to the formula?

No. Ceramic fiber is just one of the fibers commonly used in Ceramic Brake Pad. There are many kinds of metal fiber, mineral fiber, wood fiber, and aramid fiber. Their function is to connect various fillers, just like rural mud walls. When adding straw inside.

2.What is the noise on the brake pads?

Noise is mainly frequency resonance. If the natural frequencies of two materials or components are the same, resonance will easily occur. Solving the noise by the brake pads is simple, the service life is simple, and it is simple to not damage the disk. There are many factors that generate noise. The entire brake assembly system is the cause of noise. Improper selection of brake discs and severe disc wear can cause noise. In many cases, everyone has wronged the brake pads.

Chevrolet Brake Pad

Chevrolet Brake Pad

3. The harder it is, the harder it is. If there is more metal, it will be harder.

wrong. Many of these claims are those of auto repair plants and are not scientific. The original American cars are mainly semi-metallic formulas, which contain a lot of metal. Have you heard a lot of noise? Noise is not directly related to softness and hardness. Grinding discs and noise only indicate that the product formula is immature and has nothing to do with metal.

In fact, metal materials are mainly used to connect fillers and conduct heat in the formula. At the same time, their own hardness is not much different from that of the disk, which will not cause large wear to the disk. It is not your choice to really grind the disk and increase the braking capacity. These metals are the abrasive fillers that are harder than the brake discs that you can't see. They are actually emery, and your common sandpaper and wheels are similar materials.

4. Why are there some grooves on the disc? Are the brake pads very hard?

There are standards for the hardness of the brake pads, which are basically between 35 and 70 Shore. This hardness is not the main cause of wear on your brake discs. The grinding agent in the brake pads is the main component of the wear disc. The hard and soft brake pads are not the cause of severe wear of the disc. The culprit is the low-cost abrasive.

These are some of the brake pad problems introduced by Chevrolet Brake Pad Manufacturer.

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