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What Are The Factors That Make The Brake Pads Sound?

Jun. 03, 2020

We learned from the Alpina Brake Pad Manufacturer that the brake pads are mainly caused by human factors and product factors.

Human Factors.

1. Disassemble the original car film and replace it with a new one.

At present, according to the actual situation, the probability of the original car brake pads scratching the brake disc of the original car is more than 50%. The driver does not believe that the original car disc is damaged, so when replacing a new disc, the brake disc is often not actively checked for scratches. When the new disc is sounded and then checked, it is found that there are scratches on the brake disc. Repair shops, dealers, and manufacturers who request new discs will compensate the brake discs. This is obviously caused by human factors. Treatment method: When replacing the brake pads, you must first check the brake disc for scratches. If there are scratches, you can recommend smoothing the scratches or replacing the new disc. If the driver does not agree, it should be indicated on the maintenance order and signed by the driver. This will avoid the driver’s claim for future noise or injury.

2. The surface of the brake disc is flat but a new piece is installed and it sounds.

A: The first reason may be that the repairman put the brake pads on the side. When removing the brake pads, you can see that there are only some traces of friction on the surface of the brake pads. Treatment method: It can be removed and reinstalled.

B: The second reason: At present, the size of the friction pads of the same type of brake pads among domestic manufacturers is inconsistent, especially the width of the friction pads. The size deviation between manufacturers can reach up to three millimetres. This causes the surface of the brake disc to look smooth, but if the brake pads of large size are installed on the brake discs that have been rubbed by the small brake pads, they will also sound. Treatment method: first CD, if not CD can drive for a period of time, after the traces match, it will not sound.

C: The third reason is that it suddenly sounds after driving for a period of time. This is mostly due to the hard objects on the road such as gravel and iron scraps caught on the brake pads when the brake is pressed. This situation not only sounded, but also easily hurt the disk. However, when removing the inspection, sometimes foreign objects have fallen off or worn away. Handling method: CD-ROM, if there are foreign objects on the film, they should be removed and then installed. In this case, it is easy to see that the wound is just one of the four surfaces of the two disks. However, if the driver is not explained, it is easy to incur claims.

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D: It sounds after driving for a while. But it wasn't squeaking, it was rattling, which might be caused by loose attachments on the brake pads. Treatment method: re-tighten or replace with a new piece.

B: Product factors.

The sound referred to here refers to the sound when the surface of the brake disc is completely smooth and flat. The reason is that the current national regulations prohibit the use of asbestos-containing brake pads, but large domestic manufacturers generally do so, and some small manufacturers are still producing and selling asbestos-containing brake pads. Although the semi-metallic asbestos-free brake pads have a long driving range, which is beneficial to environmental protection and personal health, the material is hard and the asbestos brake pads are soft because of the soft material. This situation can only be replaced by a new film.



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