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How Long Can The Brake Pads Last?

Jan. 16, 2020

Needless to say, the importance of braking is one of the most important equipment related to safety, and it is also the most easily worn equipment on the car. Therefore, the brake pads must be replaced after a period of use. However, to determine how often the brake pads are replaced, in addition to the long-distance, long-distance braking, the most important thing is whether the driving style is appropriate, such as the amount of driving in advance, if you can master well, you will find that many times you do not need to step on the brake. Generally speaking, a pair of brake pads can be used for 100,000 kilometers. It can be used well, and can even reach 150,000 kilometers. However, the frequency of each driver's braking is different, and it is difficult to define how often the brake pads of a car need to be replaced. The following is a detailed analysis by BMW Brake Pad Factory.

Buick Brake Pad

Buick Brake Pad

The brake pad is composed of a friction material layer, a heat insulation layer, an adhesive layer, a back plate and the like. The brake pad pushes the back plate through the brake cylinder to press the friction material of the brake pad against the brake disc for braking, so the quality of the friction pad is particularly important. Some brake pads and friction lining materials are harder but have a longer service life, and some brake linings are relatively soft but have better braking performance. From this point, it can be seen that the life of the brake pads is directly related to the quality of the friction material.

So, how long is the replacement cycle of brake discs? The thickness of a new brake pad is generally about 1.5cm, and the thickness will gradually become thinner with continuous friction during use. Professional technicians suggest that when the thickness of the brake pads is only about 1/3 of the original thickness (about 0.5cm), the owner should increase the frequency of self-checks and be ready to replace them at any time. Of course, due to the design of the wheel hub, some models do not have the conditions for naked eye inspection, and the tires need to be removed to complete. Each brake pad has a protruding mark on both sides. The thickness of this mark is about two or three millimeters. This is also the limit of the thinnest replacement of the brake disc. If the thickness of the brake pad is already parallel to this mark, it must be replaced. Therefore, when the thickness of the brake pads is close to this mark, the owner must observe and prepare at any time, but it is difficult to observe accurately with the naked eye without removing the tires. At present, many models have the position of the instrument handbrake light when the brake pads are too thin. As a reminder, relative self-test is more convenient. Tips: There are no strict replacement intervals for the brake pads according to the vehicle environment and driving habits. Generally, it is necessary to consider replacing the brake pads after driving about 60,000 kilometers. When visual inspection reveals that the brake pads are thin, a technician should be required to inspect them during maintenance, because visual inspection will inherently have errors, and professional repair stations will be more rigorous than visual inspection through calipers.

At the same time, most cars today are equipped with brake pad wear warning lights, reminding owners to replace the brake pads in a timely manner. Friends who love the car should go to the 4S shop to find a professional. If you are afraid of professional pits, we also You can take a look at the degree of wear during his inspection. In addition, if the brake is accompanied by a sound of iron, the brake pads must be replaced immediately. Because the limit marks on both sides of the brake pad have directly rubbed against the brake disc, it proves that the brake pad has exceeded the limit. In this case, when replacing the brake pads, you must cooperate with the inspection of the brake discs. When this kind of sound occurs, the brake discs are often damaged. (As shown below) At this time, even if you replace the new brake pads, the sound cannot be eliminated. In severe cases, the brake discs need to be replaced.

The above is the information about the brake pads introduced by the Buick Brake Pad supplier.

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