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Do you really know how often the brake pads are replaced?

May. 15, 2020

We all know that our cars need to check the brake pads after they have been in use for a certain period of time or after they have traveled a certain distance. How often do we check the brake pads? How often are brake pads replaced?


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Car owners

Which part of the car do you think is the most important?

One might say engine

One might say chassis versus suspension

Someone might also say brake

In fact, these are very critical, so we should usually check more maintenance, today and we talk about how to check the brake pad replacement.

Why did you change the brake pads?

Brake pad, is a lot of people know the most critical safety parts, the brake effect in the end is good, to a large extent is decided by the brake pad.

Simply put, it is the braking effect of the car, need to rely on the brake pad of the heavy pressure brake disc friction to clamp the wheel, in order to achieve the car brake, so we always ensure the effectiveness of the brake pad, to ensure that we and the safety of the car.

When do the brake pads change?

When should brake pads be replaced, many people's views differ. Some people say that 50,000-60,000 kilometers will be replaced, while others say that it is not necessary to replace 100,000 kilometers so early.

In fact, if according to the current domestic road conditions normal driving, the life of the front brake pad is generally 20,000-40,000km, the life of the rear brake pad is generally 60,000-100,000km.

But each person driving habits are different, driving the road conditions are also different, so the owners in 30,000 kilometers, should go to check the front brake pad, and so on to 60,000 kilometers later, to check the rear brake pad, so as to ensure foolproof. As long as the indicator light on the brake pad of the instrument panel is always on, it is necessary to check the brake pad in time.

The thickness of a new pair of brake pads, most of which are about 1.5cm, will gradually become thinner with constant friction in use. When the naked eye inspection brake pad thickness about 0.5cm, it is ready to replace immediately.


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On a daily basis, if you hear metal crunching while you're braking, there could be something wrong with the brake pads. Check them as soon as possible!

However, the judgment of whether the brake pads need to be replaced can not only rely on the foot feeling of the brake, sometimes the brake may be soft or feel insufficient braking force, or it may be the problem of the brake line.

You can also consult us about the type of brake pad you need according to the model of the car. Whether you are a garage or an individual, please contact us if you have any requirement on the brake pad.

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