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How To Buy Truck Brake Pads?

Jan. 08, 2020

The driving safety of large trucks is a serious problem. Once an accident occurs while a truck is running, a series of vehicles and injuries may occur. Once an accident is caused by a large truck, a series of vehicles and casualties may occur. Truck brake pads have an important impact on the safety of trucks. What is the purchase method of truck brake pads? The BMW Brake Pad Factory will tell you below.

In our knowledge, we think that the braking performance of trucks may be worse than that of cars. Here we first understand the basic principles of truck braking. Generally, the wheels used in trucks are air brakes. The principle is to store the gas produced by the air compressor in two seven cylinders, one of which is connected to the master cylinder. When the driver steps on the brake pedal to make the brake master cylinder work, The relay valve is pushed to work, and the other cylinder is used to push out the ejector rod of the brake cylinder. By adjusting the arm to rotate the cam, the irregular cam lifts the brake shoe against the hub to achieve the braking effect.

In fact, the effect of the braking principle of a truck is better than that of an ordinary car, but when the truck is loaded with cargo, the effect is not ideal. Cars full of goods are driving on the road. Due to gravity acceleration and braking heat, the braking distance will be longer than that of ordinary cars. Experienced drivers brake in advance to prevent in advance to avoid accidents.

In order to reduce traffic accidents caused by brake failure, some large automobile manufacturers have also worked hard on braking, such as installing closed exhaust pipes on the engine to reduce engine torque, exhaust braking, using oil pressure or The solenoid valve pushes the rocker arm to open the valve, allowing the engine to perform useless in-cylinder braking. In addition, some trucks have installed hydraulic retarders and electromagnetic retarders at the front end of the transmission shaft to avoid brake failure and to have a better braking effect. However, no matter how technologically advanced the truck braking system is, the most important thing is that we must take the safety checkpoint seriously, pay attention to maintenance when parking, carefully check when leaving, and be vigilant when driving.

BMW Brake Pad

BMW Brake Pad

The brake pads in a truck play an important role in driving safety. Therefore, you must pay attention to the inspection of the brake pads. If you find any problems with the brake pads, you must remember to replace them in time to avoid a big accident caused by a small brake pad. The issues to be paid attention to when buying brake pads for trucks are:

1. When purchasing brake pads for trucks, please be sure to check the vehicle model to ensure that you buy the correct type of brake pads. Depending on the model, the brake pads are different, so as to avoid buying Ferrari Brake Pad.

2. When replacing the front brake pads, the front left and right wheels need to be replaced at the same time. The same applies to the rear brake pads.

3. When replacing the brake pads, it is necessary to use the same material as the old brake pads. Of course, it is better if the new brake pad material is one level higher than the original material.

4. Use high-quality brake pads. Due to the hard or soft material of the poor-quality brake pads, the brake discs will be worn during braking, and a large braking noise will be generated at the same time. The main reason is that they cannot provide a good braking force for the vehicle. During continuous braking or high-speed emergency braking, the braking force declines more seriously, and the surface material will fall off, prolonging the braking distance, and may even cause braking failure.

The safety of a truck is always the first priority. Only high-quality and reliable brake pads can escort the safety of the truck. Therefore, when buying brake pads, you must choose the brake pads produced by Brake Pad Factory. Increase your own security.

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