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How to judge the remaining life of brake pads and discs? It is safer to drive after learning!

Jun. 23, 2020

If you often look at some car test data, you know that you often see one data, that is, the braking distance of 100-0km/h. As for why it is necessary to measure the stopping distance of brakes, it is reasonable to believe that everyone understands that it is to let consumers intuitively see how long it takes their vehicles to brake from 100km/h to a full standstill when they encounter emergency situations. Everyone has a reference. Nowadays, there are more and more cars driving on the road, and safety has been paid more and more attention from consumers. In addition to the active safety system and passive safety configuration, the performance of the brake system is also very important. Sometimes the braking distance between the two cars is only a few meters, but the distance of these few meters will cause two completely different results.

So why is the tested stopping distance a reference? The Acura Brake Pad Manufacturer pointed out that this kind of test is done in a closed place, and it is basically a test made with a new car. However, in actual life, when an emergency brake is needed in an emergency, there may be many factors that affect the length of the brake stopping distance, such as the road is relatively wet and slippery after the rain or the parts of the brake system is seriously worn, etc., The most important one is the wear of brake pads and brake discs. Therefore, it is normal that there is a certain error between the braking the distance of the new car and the braking distance of our vehicle.

Automobiles are mechanical products. In the long-term use of parts, the components will slowly wear out with long-term work, resulting in reduced performance. Generally speaking, the replacement period of the brake pads is once every 30,000 to 40,000 kilometers, and the brake disc needs to be replaced when it is about 80,000 to 100,000 kilometers. But this is not absolute, because everyone's car frequency and car habits are different. Therefore, it is best to learn to judge the remaining life of the brake pads and brake discs, so as to eliminate potential safety hazards in time and improve driving safety. Next, I will share with you the method.

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When should I change the brake pads? The most intuitive is to see how thick it is. The thickness of the brake pad is generally 15mm. If you see that the brake pad is still as thick as your mobile phone, you can continue to use it. But if the thickness is 1/3 left, it needs to be ready to be replaced at any time.

Some models may not have the conditions for visual inspection due to the shape of the wheels, so listen to the sound at this time. When the "sizzle" of iron rubbing appears when the brake is depressed, it may be one of these two situations. One is that sand has entered the brake pad, and the other is the limit on both sides of the brake pad. The logo has directly rubbed against the brake disc, indicating that the brake pads have exceeded the limit. In either case, the abnormal sound should be checked as soon as possible.

When I stepped on the brakes while driving, I found that the foot feels much weaker than before. When the stroke of the brake pedal becomes longer and the braking distance becomes longer, then basically the brake pads have been worn out. Now, new brake pads need to be replaced.

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