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Reasons For Abnormal Sound Of Brake Pads (Two)

Aug. 26, 2019

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Reasons For Abnormal Sound Of Brake Pads (Two)

Brake Pad

(1) After the replacement of the original Brake Pad, the sound caused by human factors.

1. It may be that the repairman has biased the brake pads. When removed, you can see that the surface of the brake pads is only partially scratched. At this point you will get the 4S shop removed and reinstalled.

2. After a period of driving, it suddenly sounds. Most of the hard objects such as sandstone and iron scraps on the road are caught on the brake pads. You can go to the 4S shop for cleaning.

3. Due to the manufacturer's problem, the size of the friction block of a type of brake pad is inconsistent, especially the width of the friction block, and the dimensional deviation between some manufacturers can reach three millimeters. This results in a smooth surface of the brake disc, but a large-sized brake pad can also ring if it is attached to a brake disc that has a small brake pad. In the case of such a situation, you need to first disc. If you don't have a CD, you can drive for a while. If the traces match, you won't be audible.

(2) The sound caused by the brake pad material and other product factors.

If the brake pad material is hard and poor, such as the use of asbestos-containing brake pads, but some small manufacturers are still producing and selling asbestos brake pads. Semi-metal asbestos-free brake pads have a long driving range, which is good for environmental protection and personal health. However, the material is hard and the asbestos brake pads are soft, so even if there are scratches on the brake disc, the brakes will not sound, and the brake feels soft. It is the sound of this situation that you can only replace the new film.

(3) The abnormal sound of the brake pads caused by the wound disc

The wound disc mentioned here refers to the wound disc under the condition that the surface of the brake disc is smooth and flat. In addition to the foreign matter caught in the brake pad during driving, there is also the uneven stirring in the production process of the manufacturer. Nowadays, due to the cost of the brake disc, the hardness is not as good as before, which causes the semi-metal brake pads to be particularly prone to damage and abnormal noise.

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