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Do You Know The Service Life Of Ceramic Brake Pads?

Jul. 25, 2019

Here is BMW Brake Pad Factory talking about the service life of ceramic brake pads.

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BMW Brake Pad Factory

As a new type of brake pad that has emerged in recent years, the ceramic brake pad has a long service life. How long does the ceramic brake pad last?

(1) The ceramic brake pad is composed of ceramic fiber, iron-free filler material, adhesive and a small amount of metal. The heat dissipation of the material is fast, and the friction coefficient is higher than the friction coefficient of the metal brake pad. Therefore, the use of the ceramic brake pad Life expectancy is significantly higher than ordinary brake pads.

(2) The unique formula of ceramic brake pads is only one or two kinds of static-containing powders. The other materials are non-static materials, so that the powder will be taken away by the wind with the movement of the vehicle. There are no squeegees, which reduces wear and has a relatively long service life.

(3) The friction coefficient is the most important performance index of any friction material, and it is related to the braking ability of the brake pad. During the braking process, heat is generated due to friction, and the working temperature is increased. The friction material of the general brake pad is affected by the temperature, and the friction coefficient begins to decrease. In practical applications, the friction is reduced, which reduces the braking effect.

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