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Is It Normal For The Brake Pads To Fall Off?

Jun. 29, 2020

In the field of brake pads, the problem of brake ash falling has always been a headache for many dealers. What is the principle of brake ash falling? Many car owners are also very sensitive to the term "ashing". Today Acura Brake Pad Manufacturer will share with you the concept of brake ashing.

What is dusting?

When the vehicle brakes, the brake pads and brake discs produce powder that is rubbed off. Some car owners usually see that the powder of the wheels is blackened by the brake pads, and they think that the brake pads have serious powder falling phenomenon. This is a misunderstanding of the brake pads.

Is it normal for the brake pads to fall off?

1. The brake pads of current European cars are mostly made of low-metal materials, which are characterized by good heat resistance, high absorption function per unit area, and large thermal conductivity, which can adapt to the braking conditions of the car at high speed and high load. However, there are relatively many shortcomings of ash falling. The brake pads of Japanese and Korean cars are mostly made of ceramic materials. The ash falling of this material does not adsorb, and the dust is scattered after rubbing. The disadvantage of this material is high cost.

2. The wheel looks gray, which does not mean that the brake pads are not good. Because all brake pads will lose dust, but due to the different structure of different wheel hubs, there is more or less dust on the wheel hub. Brake pads containing metal components will generate static electricity after the brake is rubbed, and will absorb the dust material from the friction on the wheel to form black ash, while the ceramic material is not ash, but will not be adsorbed on the wheel. Afterwards, it was scattered into the air, so there was not much dust on the hub.

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Brake Shoes KS3359

3. Whether there is too much dust on the brake pads is just a superficial phenomenon. Don't worry too much about it.

Of course, in order to clean and beautiful the automobile wheel hub, it is sufficient to wash off the dust on the wheel hub in time. The EU compulsory standard stipulates that the powder generated by the friction of the brake pads must be adsorbed on the wheel hub. The brake pads are magnetized and cannot be splashed into the air. They are washed away when cleaning the car, and the sewage is recycled after being harmlessly treated.

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