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The Brake Pads Wear Out Quickly, And The Brakes Become Less Sensitive As They Are Used. What Is The Reason?

Jun. 27, 2020

The brake is a safety component on an electric car and is closely related to our riding safety. But in actual use, many brakes are used less and less sensitive, and the safety parts are no longer safe. What is the reason? How to solve it? Let's take a look with Acura Brake Pad Manufacture.

The judgement of the quality of the safety component of the brake, whether it is the national standard, the provincial standard or the enterprise standard is based on the brake braking distance of the new car. The problem is that the brake performance of new cars is generally good, but due to the rapid wear of brake friction materials, the brakes are not so sensitive after a period of time.

Then the question arises again, why does the friction material wear so quickly? This is determined by the two major characteristics of friction materials, their own wear resistance and temperature characteristics.

Brake Shoes KS3359

Brake Shoes KS3359

Braking is a process that converts mechanical energy into thermal energy. If the temperature characteristics of the friction material are not good enough, when we brake frequently, the temperature of the brake will rise sharply, which will cause the friction coefficient of the brake pad to change, and the wear will accelerate and intensify.

In fact, when the brake is slightly worn, we can adjust it through some small methods, but many times, we still have no time to adjust, and the brakes are almost worn. For example, takeout brother, the use of vehicles and brake functions are very frequent, when the realization of the need to adjust, the brake pads have been worn out.

So, what is the fundamental way to solve the rapid wear of brake materials? In fact, it is very simple, that is to improve the grade of the brake. The brakes are made of materials with low wear characteristics and good temperature stability. For example, the ceramic brakes that have been used in all models of the Luyuan series can shorten the brake distance by 30% and extend the life by 5 times.

With the introduction of ceramic additives, ceramic brakes have greatly improved the wear resistance and temperature characteristics of friction materials, making them more wear-resistant and safer. So that whether it is a new car or an old car, you can brake firmly.

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