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What Is The Classification Of The Brake Pads?

Jul. 20, 2019

As the name implies, the brake pads are the parts that help the brakes of the vehicle. The brake pads are the key to ensuring the normal running of the vehicle and ensuring the personal safety of the passengers. Therefore, the quality of the brake pads and the maintenance status of the brake pads are very important. If problems are found, they need to be repaired in time.

Ceramic Brake Pad

Brake pad classification:

The brake pads are divided into Disc Brake Pads and drum brakes from the braking mode. The drum brakes are used for large vehicles because of low cost, while the disc brakes are used for general cars. From the material, it is divided into Ceramic Brake Pad, resin brake pads, powder metallurgy brake pads, and carbon composite brake pads.

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