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What Causes The Noise Of The Brake Pads?

Nov. 21, 2019

Through understanding, we know that the production of the original car brake pads must meet nine technical indicators, namely stable friction coefficient, long service life, low noise probability, low wear on brake discs, stable high-temperature braking ability, low thermal expansion, and compression ratio. Qualified, low ash, environmentally friendly materials. It can be seen that there is a certain requirement for the noise of the brake pads. In ordinary life, we will also encounter the situation that the brake pads are noisy. So what is the reason for the noise of the brake pads? The BMW Brake Pad Factory will tell you next.

The noise of the brake pads is mainly frequency resonance. If the two materials of the brake pads or the natural frequency of the component itself are the same, resonance will easily occur. There are many factors that cause noise in the brake pads, and the entire brake assembly system is the cause of noise. The brake pads are worn, and when the wear is uneven, the metal will be exposed in some places, and a harsh sound will appear. It may also be that the brake pads are too hard. In this case, whether it is a Ford Brake Pad or other brake pads, there will be abnormal noises after replacement, or there may be a strange smell on the cheap side of the brakes, and some sand and stones have entered. The material of the brake pads is also the cause of the noise produced by the brake pads.

Ford Brake Pad

Ford Brake Pad

1. Excessive brake pad wear

At present, the mainstream material of brake pads is semi-metallic brake pads. The brake pads of this material contain a large amount of metal fibers, and the brake discs are pearl iron. Metal and metal collide and friction with each other will generate some noise.

2. There is a foreign body between the brake pads and the brake pads

During the driving process, due to the influence of external forces, such as wind, friction, static electricity, etc., foreign objects such as sand, iron, and iron filings are adsorbed in and stick to the brake pads or brake discs. noise. If this happens, clean the brake pads and discs in time.

3. Assembly issues

The brake pads of the car are not installed properly, such as the spacing, the tightness of the nut, etc. can also cause noise. If noise is generated for this reason, go to the auto repair factory and let the master simply debug.

In addition to the above three reasons, the noise generated by the brake pads is also related to the temperature. This has a lot to do with whether the brake pad formula is resistant to high temperatures. The brake pads produced by some manufacturers will not make noise at normal temperature, but after frequent use, the brake pads will generate noise after the temperature rises.

The above is the reason why the brake pads introduced by Chevrolet Brake Pad Manufacturer . Hope to help you.

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