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What Components Are Related To Brake Shake?

Nov. 28, 2019

At high speeds, when the brakes are pressed, the car trembles in many cases and has an absolute relationship with the brake discs. This is caused by the brake discs being distorted at high temperatures. But the general brake discs are not pure cast iron, but are deeply carbonized or even high-carbon, and there are carbon ceramics. These discs are very resistant to high temperatures. The temperature generated when the brakes are continuously applied can not reach the level that deforms him. The temperature value, under normal circumstances, the brake disc that trembles on the brakes at high speed is pure cast iron, which is one of the reasons why the price of this disc is low!

The car has been running for a long time, and there will always be some problems with the brakes. Many riders don't care about the situation and drive on the road. However, these problems should be taken seriously by themselves. The Chevrolet Brake Pad Manufacturer will take you to see what is the problem?

1. Brake shake

Steering wheel deviation If the direction is deflected to the side when the brake is pressed, it is that the left and right sub-pumps of the braking system have an unbalanced force on the brake pads.

2. The brake sinks

During the driving process, the brake pedal was continuously pressed, and then the pedal position became high, and the brake fluid sinked, resulting in oil leakage.

The brake trembles. The flatness of the brake disc decreases. The direct response is that the brake disc will tremble. At this time, many maintenance companies will take a polished brake disc (recommended not to use a disc) and replace the brake disc directly.

3. Weak brakes

The reason for the weak brake may be the loss of pressure in the transmission pipeline that provides pressure. This situation is difficult to solve by yourself. It is recommended to go to a maintenance station for inspection, otherwise the consequences will be very serious.

4. The brakes become soft

The softening is caused by the failure of the vacuum booster. The brake has been used for a long time. Many parts must be checked or replaced in time. When the brake is softened, the sub-pump and master cylinder oil pressure may be insufficient. There is also oil leakage, or the brake pads have failed to the limit.

BMW Brake Pad

BMW Brake Pad

5. Limit value of brake pads

Generally speaking, the brake pads are the most critical auto parts in our daily driving process. The quality of the brake effect is directly related to the quality of the brake pads! Generally, when the thickness of the brake pads is less than 3mm, the brake pads must be replaced. Whether it is a Ford Brake Pad or other types of brake pads, they need to be replaced in time.

6. Brake fluid

quickly and evenly transmit the pressure to all parts of the liquid, and cooperate with the accelerator to control the speed of the vehicle during driving. The quality of brake fluid is directly related to the reliability of the brake. Therefore, the purchase of brake fluid is related to the safety of the life of the rider, and must not be taken lightly. The brake fluid should have strong high-temperature anti-air resistance, which can prevent the car from continuously braking on downhill or air resistance and braking failure caused by high-temperature seasons. Good anti-corrosion and rubber compatibility, can well protect metal parts, and prevent aging of seals.

In the face of life safety, everything seems less important. When you drive, accidents can lead to serious disasters. As a responsible you, you can minimize the risk of danger by starting from yourself. BMW Brake Pad Factory reminds you that daily maintenance must be completed on time. Choose a reliable maintenance product and don't have the slightest chance of luck!

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