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What Is A Good Brake Pad?

Jan. 02, 2020

As car owners, we all know that brake pads are important in a car. If there is a problem with the brake pads, it can easily lead to an accident. In news reports, accidents often occur due to brake failure. So, how do you choose brake pads for driving safety? Which kind of brake pads are good? Here, BMW Brake Pad Factory analyzes what are good brake pads for you.

The brake system of a car is actually a large component, but the brake pedal inside the car is exposed, but in fact there are many components we have not seen, including the master cylinder of the brake, vacuum booster pump and brake There are four pumps with separate wheels, brake discs, brake pads and calipers. Once the brake in the car is pressed by the driver, the piston in the brake master cylinder will be involved, and the pressure generated in it will be transmitted through the brake oil circuit, the pressure reaches the piston of the caliper part, and then the brake pads become tight Fix the brake disc. From this series of processes, we can see very directly that the brake discs and pads play a direct role. Once there is friction between the two, the kinetic energy of the vehicle can be turned into thermal energy, and then the braking will end, allowing the vehicle to stop within a certain period of time. If the quality of the brake pads is not good, it will directly affect the braking performance.

Buick Brake Pad

Buick Brake Pad

Now the price of brake pads on the market has a wide range, ranging from dozens to hundreds, but there is a difference between a regular factory and a subsidiary factory. In fact, the quality of the regular factory is definitely better, and if the deputy factory, there may be some counterfeiting and counterfeiting, so the brake pads must be produced from the regular factory, so that the quality can be guaranteed. Because the brake pads are parts, oxidation will also occur. When we choose the brake pads, we must look at the surface for rust. If the brake pad with rust is used for a long time, it will definitely cause great danger. Many auto parts manufacturers now use the cheapest metal fragments to make the production cost lower. Baiyun brake pad manufacturers tell you that the brake pads produced in this way are still very dangerous. However, the regular manufacturers are different. They are very concerned about the material of the brake friction, and the various proportions are very balanced. This can make the brake failure rarely occur during the braking process, and it will reduce many accidents. Therefore, when buying brake pads, we must not ignore the safety factor in order to save a little money, as the consequences are very serious.

The above is what the Buick Brake Pad supplier introduced to everyone. What is a good brake pad? Have you learned it?

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