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How To Use The Brake Pads Better?

Sep. 02, 2019

Here is a professional BMW Brake Pad Factory talking about how to use the brake pads better.

In the brake system of a car, the brake pad is the most critical safety component and one of the most frequently used components in daily driving. Regular maintenance is essential. According to industry insiders, the daily maintenance of brake pads is relatively simple, mainly for regular inspections, focusing on the thickness of the brake pads, replacing the brake pads in time, and reducing the sudden braking to extend their service life.

The effective use of Brake Pad is about 40,000 kilometers, which is slightly increased or decreased according to personal habits. Due to the traffic congestion in the urban area, the corresponding losses are large, and the owner of the car is driven to minimize the sudden braking, so that the brake pads will have a longer service life.

BMW Brake Pad

BMW Brake Pad

In addition, it is also recommended that the owner regularly go to the 4S shop for a matching check to see if the relevant parts such as the card is loose or displaced. Loose card will cause the left and right brake pads to wear differently and shorten the service life. In addition, it is necessary to carry out a complete set of car brake system care, increase lubrication, and check if there are any parts rusting. It is recommended that the owner change the brake oil every year. Because the brake fluid is used for one year, the amount of water will exceed 3%. Excessive water content will easily cause high temperature to vaporize the brakes, which will reduce the braking effect of the car.

At present, most of the cars have installed brake pad warning lights. Usually, the owner will use the brake warning lights on the instrument panel to illuminate whether or not to change the brake pads. In fact, the warning light is the last bottom line, this time shows that the brake pads have almost lost their effectiveness. After the brakes are completely polished, the brake fluid will drop sharply. At this time, the metal base and brake pads of the brake pads are already in the iron-iron state, and the molten iron can be seen in the place where the tires are close to the edge of the rim. The loss of the hub is large. Therefore, it is recommended that you replace the brake pads near the end of life early, not just rely on warning lights to determine.

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